Amorepacific Places New Emphasis on Personalized Cosmetics

SEOUL, South Korea, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amorepacific, Korea’s leading beauty company, officially unveiled its Lab Tailored 3D Mask from IOPE, the company’s skincare brand known for scientifically produced products. A 2020 CES Innovation Award honoree, the Lab Tailored 3D Mask is a made-to-measure hydrogel mask created with the company’s own innovative 3D mask printing technology to fit each person’s individual facial dimensions and skin conditions.

IOPE LAB in Myeongdong
IOPE LAB in Myeongdong

The service is now available exclusively at IOPE Lab, the brand’s recently re-opened flagship store located in Seoul’s downtown Myeongdong shopping district. Dedicated to the future of skin research, IOPE LAB offers consumers high-end beauty solutions that are personalized by carefully measuring skin conditions.

With its re-opening, IOPE LAB introduces exclusive programs that tap genetic analysis for skin and bespoke services together with IOPE’s research expertise. These include Skin Future Solution Program, which uses genetic analysis for skin and Tailored Solution Program, which offers Lab Tailored 3D Masks and Serums.

Skin Future Solution Program analyzes the customer’s genes and measures his or her skin conditions precisely. One of the tools used in the process is IOPE’s ‘Lab Geno Index’, a genetic analysis kit co-developed with Theragen Bio. The service analyzes 26 genes, including 13 types of skin genes and 13 types of health-related genes, from different angles and blends the findings of the genetic testing with seven common skin concerns to provide the most efficient skincare solutions.

Tailored Solution Program was created for consumers seeking customized solutions for their skin type and unique skin problems. Lab Tailored 3D Mask and Lab Tailored Serums are made based on high-precision skin measurement, enabling a perfect fit and solution. Using advanced 3D printing technology, a hydrogel mask that is tailored to each customer’s facial features is created in the shop, so that it perfectly adheres to the skin. 6 different active ingredients can be applied to various parts of the face, including forehead, nose, cheeks, and the areas around the eyes and mouth. As for Lab Tailored Serum, it is prepared on the spot by mixing the optimal ingredients for the customers’ skin type and problems. 20 versions of the Serum are available with four base formulas and five solutions. The Lab Tailored 3D Masks and Serums can be purchased separately.

"We are actively fusing a range of advanced technologies with Amorepacific’s extensive expertise in beauty R&D to create new technologies that can truly make a difference for our customers, while at the same time introducing new digital methods and skin solutions that help us create groundbreaking customized beauty solutions," said Wonseok Aiden Park, head of Amorepacific Basic Research & Innovation Division. "For example, IOPE’s Lab Tailored 3D Mask and the genetic analysis for skin that we’ve demonstrated is the fruit of such efforts and we will continue to push forward to produce innovative research results and take the lead in the burgeoning personalized cosmetics market."

These services adhere to the Korean government’s newly created legal framework that guides customized cosmetic sales, issued for the first time anywhere in the world on March 14th. The law defines personalized cosmetics as products made on the spot by mixing ingredients required for individual customers based on skin analysis and counseling and then dividing the mix into small quantities. It allows customers to buy as much of a product made for their skin tone and personal preferences as they want.

Amorepacific started its personalized cosmetics business in 2017 as a pilot project and has since provided bespoke cosmetics services in both the makeup and skincare categories, including LANEIGE’s My Delicious Therapy, ETUDE’s My Lip Bar, eSpoir’s Color Mix Bar, and innisfree’s My Recipe Bar for personalized face and body care, all at their respective flagship brand stores.

About Amorepacific

Since 1945, Amorepacific has had a single, clear mission: to present its unique perception of beauty– namely what it calls ‘Asian Beauty’ – to the world. As Korea’s leading Beauty Company, Amorepacific draws from its deep understanding of both nature and human to pursue harmony between inner and outer beauty. With its portfolio of over 20 cosmetics, personal care, and health care brands, Amorepacific is devoted to meeting the various lifestyles and needs of global consumers around the world: Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East. Amorepacific’s research hubs located around the world are dedicated to sustainable R&D that combine the best of natural Asian ingredients and advanced bio-technology. With its world-class products, Amorepacific is acclaimed for the innovative ways in which it is transforming global beauty trends.

IOPE LAB in Myeongdong
IOPE LAB in Myeongdong


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