d’Alba, the Consecutive No. 1 Beauty Brand in K-Beauty offers a Promotion on All Products at Shopee

SEOUL, South Korea, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Italian contemporary beauty brand d’Alba entered Shopee in the Philippines and Indonesia, in the Southeast Asian market, with the aim of strengthening its global presence in 2020 as the needs of overseas buyers increased in the wake of a sold-out phenomenon in South Korea.


Given that the K-Beauty trend focuses on skincare, consumers naturally put great importance on the safety of cosmetics. d’Alba’s products are not only made of naturally derived ingredients, but are also healthy products that have passed hypoallergenic clinical trials, and as such, have established themselves well in the Korean market.

d’Alba will offer various benefits to all consumers who purchase through Shopee to meet the needs of the local market. The event will run from May 11-18 and will feature a 30% discount on all products, and free sample giveaways.

d’Alba’s flagship product, the White Truffle First Spray Serum, has attracted a lot of attention because it uses the finest white Italian truffles as its primary ingredient. White truffles have been proven to have superior anti-aging effects and their strength lies in their excellent efficacy in recovering youthful skin, such that they are referred to as diamonds in the ground. The product, consisting of a serum oil layer and an essence layer, can provide a double moisturizing layering effect. It is also convenient to use because the serum is developed in a spray-type mist. This product has gained enormous popularity in Korea, with over 4 million bottles sold.

Additionally, d’Alba’s other flagship product, Peptide No-sebum Gel Cleanser is a product for deep cleansing without skin irritation, being an acid-balanced cleanser. With BHA and low molecular peptides, it gently exfoliates and cares for sensitive skin. It can be used not only on sensitive skin, but also on oily and combination skin, particularly when sebum control is needed.

"As a beauty brand proven in the highly competitive K-Beauty market, we will expand and strengthen our presence in the global market," Justin Oh, director of d’Alba said. "In order to enter efficiently into the local market, we plan to increase our distribution networks further after enhancing our branding with a focus in online sales that meets local needs."

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