Dreame Tops the List of Reading Apps in App Stores and Becomes a Smash Hit in the Year 2020

SINGAPORE, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With its ranks outdistancing the reading apps of over 20 countries by the end of last month – as is shown in App Annie, Dreame has swept across the world as a recent hit. Affiliated to the Singapore-based company Stary, Dreame made its debut in August 2018 and now, although merely in its 20th month, it is demonstrating strong momentum.

Dreame’s Rankings in the United States Based on App Annie Intelligence
Dreame’s Rankings in the United States Based on App Annie Intelligence

Dreame’s rankings in the United States are based on App Annie Intelligence

Dreame’s instant success is attributed to a pioneering mode: it directly cooperates with local authors and helps monetize their fictions. Instead of positioning itself as a revenue-based reading app, Dreame highlights good user experience and support for authors. Prioritizing the provision of premium novels that cover all genres, it lavishes time on fiction selection and monetization support for the authors’ stories, earning itself numerous loyal users and talented writers. Within two years after its birth, Dreame has touted itself as a cutting-edge reading app with high ratings.

A Difficult Start

The fact is, Dreame’s road to success bristled with troubles. For a pioneer introducing a new mode to the markets of web fictions which was still in its infancy, there lacked any established mode for reference. Each step was a new exploration that carried unknown danger. Even worse, when Dreame just surfaced in the market in August 2018, its attempts to aid local authors and to solicit good web fictions were bombarded with doubts. But without flinching, Dreame weathered this storm of opposition within quite a short time. By November 2018, that was, three months later, Dreame had boasted more than 3,000 serials by native authors. As royalties kept flowing into the authors’ accounts, and with users ballooning, opposing voices faded gradually.

"The best counterattack is to stick to your own idea and focus. Never lose yourself in dissenting voices. Just keep going and show them what you can do. Sooner or later, they’ll be gone. You see, we’ve survived many troubles, and we’re ready for more," Samuel Lau, CEO of Stary remarked.

Dreame’s Rise

In December 2018, a Writer Benefits Program was launched by Dreame to support budding and seasoned authors. The ensuing proliferation of signed stories was followed by a breakthrough in the number of Dreame users, which swelled to 1 million in the next month.

By July 2019, 10,000 stories had been available on Dreame, 1,000 of which were non-English serials. As of September 2019, Dreame had shared its revenue with over 4,000 writers from 50+ countries worldwide, some of whom could reap tens of thousands of dollars from Dreame.

Inundated by mounting requests for signing new stories, Dreame’s first local editorial team, built at the end of 2019, was successively joined by many others, forming a global editorial network in February 2020. Editors from 20+ countries are now serving customized fictions for Dreame regularly.

Dreame Today

So far, Dreame has been the home of over 150,000 fictions by more than 60,000 authors. In less than 20 months, it has grown into a full-fledged reading app excelling most counterparts.

Dreame has aroused a fervor of web fictions and steered more and more people into the writing industry. With readers proliferating and finally zooming to 20 million, fictions published on Dreame are blessed with greater exposure. Authors are witnessing growth both in their royalties as well as in the number of fans.

"Our idea is simple – we help dreamers. And we’re dreamers ourselves. We help authors pursue their dreams and serve readers with good stories. We never give the ideas up and this year we are off to a good start," said Samuel Lau.

According to the CEO, the name of their app "Dreame" is derived from the word "dreaming". It stands for their spirit – never stop dreaming and keep pursuing the dreams.


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