Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Cairo, Egypt

THE 5 BEST Tourist Spots in Cairo

Pyramids of Giza photo via Pixabay

5 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and home to one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet. It boasts of the fascinating architecture of pyramids, churches, mosques, and a fascinating culture that sweeps you off your feet. It is not called the Umm al-Dunya (‘Mother of the World’) for no reason.

You can get a taste of the Egyptian culture by visiting its various places of interest and indulging in several tourism activities in Cairo, such as:

1. Gazing at the Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza photo via Pixabay
Pyramids of Giza photo via Pixabay

These marvels of ancient architecture, with their precise engineering and immense size, take your breath away. Built 4500 years ago, they give you a sense of traveling through time. Visit the pyramids during the afternoon for the optimum experience.

2. Unravelling the secrets of the mysterious Sphinx

Great Sphinx of Giza photo via Pixabay
Great Sphinx of Giza photo via Pixabay

Built in 2500 BC, this structure with a lion body and a human head guards the pyramids. It keeps on inspiring many a poet with its aura. If you gaze at the Sphinx long enough, you may realize that the size of the head is significantly larger in proportion to the rest of the body. This revelation only adds to its overall mystery.

3. Visiting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities by Mohamedsamir1994 via Wikipedia cc
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities By Mohamedsamir1994 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 cc

Its unique collection gives you a glimpse of the ancient dynasties, the lifestyle of the Pharaohs, and medieval Egyptian art and culture. No tour of Egypt is complete without taking in its rich cultural history.

4. Tasting Egyptian cuisine

Egyptian Food photo via Pixabay
Egyptian Food photo via Pixabay

There is no resisting the spices, garlic, and onions of the local foods. The spiced kebobs, Koshari recipes, and the delicious falafels make you want to stay forever. Do not miss the street food either, especially if you are a foodie.

5. Cruising over the Nile

Nile River in Cairo photo via Pixabay
Nile River in Cairo photo via Pixabay

A sumptuous felucca cruise on the serene Nile waters (just as Cleopatra used to) tops off the complete experience. You can also find numerous luxurious restaurants and nightclubs floating all over the river.

As far as accommodations go, you can find luxurious hotels right along the Nile, whereas the budget hotels lie in the central Downtown district. Use the metro to avoid the city’s bustling traffic.

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