How much is the salary of a fresh graduate in the Philippines?

What is a good new grad salary?

How much is the salary of a fresh graduate in the Philippines

The wage for the New Grad: What is considered a good entry-level salary?

Fresh out of college, most people are excited about landing that first job. Given that most newly grads do not have work experience or only had a part-time job while studying, it is not easy to secure a high-paying position right away.

Starting from scratch, one has no choice but to start from the bottom in an entry-level position and then move to the top. The challenge most newly grads face in applying for a job is the competition. Besides those who just graduated, some have left the previous job and are looking for a new one.

How much is the salary of a fresh graduate in the Philippines
How much is the salary of a fresh graduate in the Philippines

According to hiring and compensation experts, there is not much room to negotiate especially if you are a fresh grad. This is because new grads do not have substantial work experience negotiating for a higher wage than those who have already worked before.

The range of the salary fresh grads get is based on the course one has finished in college. To those who volunteered to be surveyed, it was found that people who graduated from the sciences could get a higher salary than those who graduated from the liberal arts.

According to Jobstreet, the average salary of fresh grads for 2019 has increased to an average of P22,268, with law graduates having the highest average income of P27,335 per month.

A tip that may help a little in the negotiation process is knowing your potential and not easily giving in or selling yourself short. It will boil down to how much you will be getting in the course of an interview. Most fresh grads accept what is given immediately and reply “ok,” ending it there.

It is best to only talk about the salary when an offer has been made. During the interview process, the applicant can try to negotiate, but it does not guarantee success.

The applicant can then ask questions such as job responsibilities and mention that the contribution one can give to the company is more important than the salary one will be receiving, showing the recruiter you are willing to learn and a potential team player.

Applicants can negotiate more by researching how many other companies offer the same job before giving an immediate answer. Knowing that information makes it possible for you to negotiate the salary offered for a little more.

Getting a job is not only about a salary. This includes other things that the company offers to its employees. By thoroughly checking out the other benefits and perks, it can also help decide whether the applicant should accept the job.

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