How to find a part-time job

How to find a part-time job

Finding Part-Time Jobs For College Students

Some Students would like to be able to get a job and earn money. Since these individuals are still in school, the next best thing to getting a real job is getting one that is part-time.

How to find a part-time job
How to find a part-time job

When applying for a part-time job, here are some tips one must remember when going up to a potential employer;

  • One must prepare a resume when applying for part-time work. Even if the person does not have the experience, it will show the employer that a little effort was made on the applicant’s part in producing something on paper. The resume may contain highlights or strengths about the applicant who could make the applicant stand out over other people that have applied for the same position and, in the end, get that job.
  • When meeting an employer, being dressed appropriately is important. It shows the sincerity one has in applying for the job. One must be that finger-nails and hair are well-groomed for the interview. The outfit worn could be business casual. A polo and khaki pants will be ideal for men, and polo and skirt for the women will do well for the interview. This would mean that moderate shoes must be used to match the outfit. If one wears many earrings, it is advisable to remove some to present the person better.
  • Getting a job is not easy, and there will be many times that the employer will say “no.” This is nothing personal but some employers will prefer someone who has some experience. Even if one is rejected, the person must not give up on getting that part-time and move on to the next potential employer.
  • When one is already in front of the employer, a firm handshake is always a good start. Walking in and showing one’s sincerity in getting the job is another. There is only so much one say in an interview, so it is best to practice selling to the person the strengths one possesses to get that job.
  • In going from one employer to another, the employer will not answer at once if the person is hired or not. Other applicants will still be interviewed before making that decision. By keeping a list of the places where one went for an interview, one will call and follow up on the application’s status.

Part-time jobs are available in various places. One might find one while walking in the neighborhood, checking the school bulletin board or local paper, and even the web for job postings.

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