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MOS Burger Sign Already Spotted in Metro Manila

It is possible that the first MOS Burger branch in the country will be opening on January 2020.

  • MOS Burger is one of the largest burger joints from Japan famous for their signature burgers such as the MOS Rice Burger
  • It was reported that MOS Burger will have a branch opening soon in the Philippines as they plan on expanding further in Asia
  • A section of Robinsons Galleria has been spotted with the color and logo of MOS Burger, and it was now said that they might open as early as January 2020

Manila, Philippines – Filipinos love to eat, and they are willing to try anything new. The popularity of burger joints in the country also helped with getting everyone’s appetites hyped up, and it looks like another burger joint is opening their doors for the hungry Filipino.

MOS Burger is a popular burger brand coming from Japan. Second popular, in fact, with the Japanese version of McDonald’s coming in first. Their brand name is always spelled in capital letters and it was said that it stands for “Mountain, Ocean, Sun.” They are famous for their own take on burgers, including their own MOS Rice Burger and Yakiniku Burger.

MOS burger in Robinsons galleria
MOS Burger is one of the largest burger joints from Japan

News has been going around before wherein MOS Burger wants to expand further, after they have branches in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. A few months back, it was known that they will be opening a branch in the Philippines and is said to open in 2020, but it looks like it will open sooner than anyone thought.

MOS burger in Robinsons galleria
MOS Burger spotted at the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria

A photo has started to circulate online showing that the MOS Burger logo was seen at Robinsons Galleria. The area was closed off for renovation, but the color of the cover was green, and the MOS Burger logo is on it. According to an article written by, it is now said that they may open as early as January 2020, instead of a previously reported March 2020.

This is still not confirmed, and we will give an update once we can get more information.


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