PARIS, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Bellagraph Nova (BN) Group is ready to share its vision and strategic plans to achieve further expansion and global success.  This recently formed visionary conglomerate has already instituted its own revolutionary blueprint to ensure a future legacy that has never been achieved before.

Most successful multinational conglomerate such as LVMH has prided itself on adopting a decentralized format where each of its companies or "houses" operate autonomously and independent of one another.  While this has led to great success for LVMH, the BN Group has adapted similar business practice but with the strategic flair of implementing a centralized marketing division headquartered in Paris, France, to maintain accountability and ensure homogenous global development for all of its global entities and partners.

The current fiscal year has presented a historic set of challenges for all businesses.  "Growth" has been a seldomly used term in current business conversations. While most companies believed that "people make the difference," most companies have inevitably been forced to retrench and downsize due to the global economic downturn.  On the other hand, the executive team at the BN Group have staunchly rejected any contractionary proposals to reduce and tighten up its global workface. In fact, the BN Group has gone the opposite direction of most and actually invested in upgrading resources to further develop and enhance its workforce’s performance and productivity through educational projects, coaching seminars, internal career development programs, and advanced degree courses.  While the BN Group also understands that "people make the difference," it believes the key to the company’s success is further empowering them. In addition, the BN Group has also aggressively sought to recruit global talents to further strengthen its strategic team. 

Mr. Kirk Wagar
Mr. Kirk Wagar

Most recently, the Bellagraph Nova Group welcomed former United States Ambassador Mr. Kirk Wagar as strategic advisor to its board of directors. Founding partner Mr. Nelson Loh said, "Ambassador Wagar has been a trusted adviser and personal friend of mine and during this challenging pandemic period, we have spoken frequently on how we could potentially work more closely in realizing a shared common vision for creating a better future. With Bellagraph Nova on the verge of taking flight, I am extremely excited to have Ambassador Wagar join us with his years of experience as a former US Ambassador as well as his rich expertise on board numerous global strategic advisory boards." Ambassador Kirk Wagar has served on global advisory and strategic boards such as LVMH’s L Catterton Private Equity Fund, the Ontario Government pension fund – OMERS, as well as the US$30billion Tech focused Private Equity Fund Insight Partners etc.

Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon
Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

In addition to Mr. Wagar’s appointment, the BN Group is ecstatic with the designation of LVMH’s former Global Head of Marketing and Business Strategy, Mr. Nereides A.G. De Bourbon.  As the newly appointed Global Head of Marketing and Investment Strategy, Nereides brings his unparalleled track record, knowledge, and expertise to a young multinational conglomerate on the fast track to achieving prominence and global recognition.  On comparisons between these two companies, Nereides shared some of the finer facets.  "Both LVMH and the BN Group have been able to achieve a heightened state of synergy and that has been pivotal in their continued success.  While LVMH is open to sharing resources amongst its developing houses despite their relative autonomy, the BN Group believes a more cohesive synergy is realized amongst all of its 31 entities through co-branding and sharing common objectives.  The BN Group also welcomes collaborations with governments and other prominent business entities."

Mr. Terence Loh, Ms. Evangeline Shen, Mr. Nelson Loh
Mr. Terence Loh, Ms. Evangeline Shen, Mr. Nelson Loh

One of the most pronounced differences between LVMH and the BN Group is simply the DNA to their success. Founding partner Mr. Terence Loh elaborated more on this insightful comparison. "The Bellagraph Nova Group is categorically in its early stages as we all here are committed and focused on building this dream into a reality as a singular definitive conglomerate that innovates and delivers the very best in luxury, healthcare, and technology.  On the other hand, LVMH is steeped in history and heritage.  While this ‘savoir-faire’ core culture has led to the continued success of selling its luxury brands with a rich story to share, it also inevitably restricts its entities from deviating and even disrupting too much of its established branding and identity. The BN Group is essentially the antithesis of this ideology so it is capable of limitless creative freedom in developing new products and innovations while utilizing the latest technology."

To elaborate, the LVMH Group is entrenched in the past with its renowned identity in luxury and history.  Because of its reliance in addressing its heritage when proposing new marketing strategy, its strongest asset also poses somewhat as an encumbrance when contending with past traditions and creative ideas.  Unlike this culture, the BN Group is essentially not anchored to its past and possesses the unhindered potential to develop at an accelerated pace into all potential sectors.  Furthermore, the BN Group is open to consider investing in both developed and emerging markets whether they have a proven track record for success or not.  One underlying business objective for the BN Group is to provide support to economically-challenged countries and provide the necessary resources to contribute to their economic growth and development.

When it comes to comparisons on durability, Chairman and Founding partner Ms. Evangeline Shen shared this explanation on the similarities and differences between these two multinational conglomerates.  "I am truly impressed with how LVMH CEO Mr. Bernard Arnault has been able to retain the iconic heritage of its renowned Houses while still constantly reinventing them to optimize its durability against the fickle tastes and demands of modern times.  He truly understands that the consumer is the heart and soul of LVMH’s continued success and ecosystem.  While LVMH focuses solely in the luxury sector, the BN Group has achieved unmatched success with guaranteeing its durability through tremendous engagement in all fields.  We aspire to influence each person and the global economy as a whole.  On top of that, the BN Group is unwavering in its commitment to respecting the environment and all resources similar to LVMH.  However, we endeavor to develop and integrate new technologies to protecting the environment and always innovating with sustainability as a core priority."


Sustainability, diversity and ethics, constitute the cornerstone of BN Group’s model and compliance policy for its executives, employees and stakeholders. Our emblem is the butterfly, the symbol par excellence of endurance and perennial metamorphosis.

The Group is headquartered in the famous 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, France. With 31 entities in over 100 countries, the combined US$12 billion revenue Bellagraph Nova Group is the world’s fastest growing 360° lifestyle platform.

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