Wuhan Virus From China Detected in Cebu City

The virus was detected from a five-year-old child who came from Wuhan City, China.

  • The mysterious respiratory disease from China is now referred to as the Wuhan virus, after the city from where it was first detected
  • The Department of Health has closely monitored travelers entering the airports and seaports specially those that are coming from China
  • A five-year-old child that came from Wuhan City is now under observation after being admitted to a hospital after being tested positive of the virus

A couple of weeks ago, an outbreak in China has been reported regarding a virus that originated from Wuhan City, China, that has affected 44 people. With the current toll, there has been 198 patients confirmed with the virus, with 3 casualties, and Beijing, Shenzen, and Hong Kong having 3 confirmed and 24 suspected cases in total.

There have been reports as well of the Wuhan virus in Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Vietnam, and Singapore, with Tokyo being mentioned as cured.

In Cebu City, Philippines, a five-year-old child from Wuhan City was admitted to a hospital after being tested positive of a virus. From a report posted by The Inquirer, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has announced this during a press conference in Manila earlier today. It was also mentioned that before being admitted, the child was coughing and had a fever.

wuhan virus in cebu city
A chart that shows all places where the Wuhan virus has been detected or is suspected to be present.

Symptoms of the Wuhan virus may include the following:

  • High fever
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Invasive lesion of the lungs (which will only be detected through an X-ray)

In light of this, the following practice is highly encouraged to prevent further spreading of the virus:

  • Avoid contact with live animals
  • Avoid eating raw meat
  • Avoid being in contact with people showing symptoms of being ill
  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water

The Department of Health’s Bureau of Quarantine is still closely monitoring all travelers entering the country through airports and seaports and are observing anyone that would show signs of a respiratory infection.


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