Xerox Asks to Stop Using Their Name When You Mean “Copy”

The Japanese firm wants to remind the public that the name is trademarked and its unauthorized use is forbidden by law.

  • Filipinos have been photocopying documents for a long time, and would use the word “xerox” if they need to copy something
  • Xerox is in fact a registered name that came from the company Fuji Xerox, who manufactures photocopying machines, among other things
  • Fuji Xerox has released a statement through a newspaper ad that they are asking to stop the use of the name “Xerox” when a person wants to make a copy of a document

Manila, Philippines – If an everyday item is used over and over again, there would be times when we would refer to it using its brand name instead of its actual name. Filipinos would call a toothpaste “Colgate” and for the longest time, they would say “MTV” when they are referring to music videos.

“Xerox” is another example. Photocopying machines are commonly used if a person needs to have a document duplicated quickly and cheaply, compared to using a computer and printing a fresh copy using a printer. Such machines that were used by establishments and companies that offer photocopying services would be from Fuji Xerox, and their brand name would be seen on it, hence Filipinos have for the longest time used their name whey mean “to make a copy”.

stop using xerox as another word for copy
Fuji Xerox asks to stop using their brand name when referring to making a copy

From an article by ABS-CBN though, Fuji Xerox released a statement through an ad in a newspaper regarding the use of their company name. The notice initially read that “Xerox” is not another word for copy but instead a “registered brand name protected by law.”

stop using xerox as another word for copy
The newspaper ad that asks to stop using their trademarked name as another word for “copy”

The rest of the ad explained that their brand name is known worldwide, and unauthorized use of it is forbidden by law. It is also not to be used to refer to copying or making a copy as it is a registered trademark.

This is indeed a fact, but one would also point out that the name “Xerox” is now registered under the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a verb, which means “to make a copy on a xerographic copier.”


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