YSoft OMNI Series Instantly And Securely Connects Printers To Universal Print From Microsoft

 New Cloud/Edge solution cost-effectively enhances Universal Print from Microsoft –

BRNO, Czech Republic and DALLAS, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced a new cloud/edge computing product family, YSoft OMNI Series™, which consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge™, and YSoft OMNI Apps™, of which YSoft OMNI UP365™ is the first app to be introduced. With OMNI Bridge and OMNI UP365, any in-market network printer or MFD is instantly and cost-effectively Universal Print compatible without needing a full print management system.

Announcing the YSoft OMNI Series - YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI UP365. With OMNI Bridge and UP365, any in-market printer is instantly Universal Print compatible without needing a full print management system.
Announcing the YSoft OMNI Series – YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI UP365. With OMNI Bridge and UP365, any in-market printer is instantly Universal Print compatible without needing a full print management system.

Universal Print, developed by Microsoft, moves key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft 365 cloud. Organizations no longer need on-premise print servers or need to manage printer drivers, a long-standing burden on IT resources.

Due to a lack of Universal Print-enabled printers on the market, Microsoft provides connector software. However, the connector software requires a Windows 10 or Windows Server machine (physical or virtual). This Windows machine needs to be maintained, which increases IT burden. Additionally, it also presents a single point of failure, a concern when printing is part of business-critical processes.

With YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI UP365, any in-market multifunction device or network printer is instantly Universal Print compatible without requiring a local or remote Windows 10 or Windows Server machine. OMNI Series eliminates the need to manage printer drivers and install printers and print queues on Windows servers or workstations. It also allows for zero infrastructure, zero-trust network security, and zero IT know-how; printing is simply available to users in seconds.

Today, the YSoft OMNI Series offers these enhanced features for instant Microsoft 365 cloud connectivity and Universal Print compatibility:

  • YSoft OMNI Bridge, a serverless Edge device, connects networked printers to the cloud. Combining two or more YSoft OMNI Bridge devices into a group enhances the business value by providing failover and load balancing when high availability for print services is required.
  • YSoft OMNI UP365 instantly connects current in-market printers to Microsoft 365 via Universal Print. An OMNI UP365 subscription can be purchased for 1, 5, or 25 printers. OMNI UP365 is built on Y Soft’s advanced Universal Print integration, which provides unique benefits – such as failover and load balancing for increased resiliency.

YSoft OMNI Bridge is extensible with future YSoft OMNI Apps for incremental connectivity and additional printing and print fleet functionality for businesses of any size.

"Many customers told us they want to move print functionality to the cloud as they are migrating to Microsoft 365. They can now do that with Universal Print, but don’t want to replace all their printers and MFDs with devices that support Universal Print natively. YSoft OMNI Series provides these organizations with an elegant solution to take advantage of cloud-based print infrastructure today", said Rani Abdellatif, Sr. Program Manager in charge of Universal Print connector technology at Microsoft.

"As a YSoft SAFEQ print management customer, Microsoft is uniquely aware of our technology capabilities. When they challenged us to create a solution that enabled in-market devices to be instantly Universal Print compatible, we saw a unique opportunity," said Václav Muchna, CEO and co-founder, Y Soft. "The result is YSoft OMNI Series which will help businesses of all sizes reduce the print services burden on IT staff," he added.

"Y Soft continues to advance its portfolio and now has a range of offerings to provide customers with multiple entry points into cloud-based print and print management," says Robert Palmer, Research VP with IDC’s Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions Group. "YSoft OMNI Series offers a unique value proposition by providing a solution for those customers anxious to deploy Microsoft Universal Print for use with legacy printing devices."

Y Soft has a history of designing and manufacturing companion hardware devices for printers, and this experience – along with being a Microsoft Gold-certified ISV partner —  makes the company uniquely qualified to offer YSoft OMNI Series as the perfect solution for Universal Print capabilities today and the future services that YSoft OMNI Apps will provide.

Availability for YSoft OMNI Series
If you are interested in YSoft OMNI Series, sign up for availability in your country here

Y Soft also announced today that the YSoft SAFEQ Cloud™ family (YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro™ and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze™) of cloud-based print management services are fully integrated with Universal Print. YSoft SAFEQ, which provides on-premise print management services, is also fully integrated. If you are interested in YSoft SAFEQ and YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family integrated with Universal Print, please use to register your interest and your local Regional Sales Manager (RSM) will be sure to contact you.

About Y Soft

Y Soft develops intelligent Digital Transformation office solutions for enterprise, SMB, and Education that empower employees to be more productive and creative. Our YSoft SAFEQ® workflow solutions platform in the cloud and on-premise enables businesses to manage, optimize and secure their print and digital processes and workflows. Our YSoft BE3D™  3D print solutions are focused in the Education sector where they provide unique ease of use and safety benefits, while utilizing YSoft SAFEQ software for seamless 3D print management.

Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, with offices in North and Latin America, Europe, and Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific region (APAC). For more information, please visit

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